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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Generation Y

So there we were in 2008 and one of my team was telling me about Generation Y and how we needed to tailor our employee proposition to account for this demographic.  I think at the time my response was something along the lines of, "they can go f**k themselves, we'll be in recession, there will be no jobs, those that there are will be taken my Eastern Europeans who have a significantly better work ethic and they won't be winging about what we can do for them!"

OK I accept it was an emotional outburst but there is a truth there.  We fed this generation on over indulgence, said the world was their lobster and allowed them to think that they were beyond reproach.  And then the pointless HR community tried to turn it into a phenomenon.  It was something to feed the mouths of the consultants.

And those of us who remember "loads-a-money" will understand that this is the same thing.  The plasterer stereotype of the 80's/90's are the graduates of the noughties gen y.   Its boom and bust and natural.  But where are the articles and research on GY now?  Funnily enough, nowhere to be seen.  That particular gravy train has come to an end.

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