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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Coachy Coachy Coo Coo

Ok, bad title...I admit it but after the day I've had you need something to make you laugh.  Never before have I received a genuine writ for defamation of character....its a long story.

Anyway, I have had two conversations over the last couple of days about coaching interventions, one sublime and one ridiculous.  I was speaking to our main coaching provider this morning and it fills me with deep joy (in a wholesome and appropriate way).  There are more people claiming to be coaches these days than there are claiming to be straight.  In fact I am sure there is a correlation there, but lets leave that for another time.  But these guys they know their limitations, they turn work down and most importantly they have a sense of humour.  I am not a coach, lets be clear, coaching and I are like pan fried bream and liquorice.....it ain't ever going to happen.

The other conversation was with a line manager, who came to see my L&D Manager declaring that they wanted to talk about development for a member of middle management.  Rightly L&D guru asked what they were trying to develop....."well we can't quite work it out".   Unperturbed she ventured on asking what conversations they had had with aforementioned individual....."well we haven't really spoken about it".  L&D hero carries on, so asking what it was they felt we could provide or how we could help....."We were thinking they need a coach.  They could then have a conversation with them about what the issues are and work out what they need to do and then they could let us know."

Yeah, that will be your job then.....remember kiddies a coach is for life a coach is not for Christmas......


Henry Berry said...

Listen mate. Speaking as a "coach" I'm for Christmas, Easter or Bah Mitzvah. See a trick? Turn it. That's wot I says. Now, where's them stockings and suspenders?

Martin Haworth said...

I understand your frustration!

Sounds to me like your managers need a lesson or two in how to do their job and learn how to be a coach themselves in their role.

That would save a heck of a lot of time, get value from them as well as save money on external coaches.

Sad they wish to pass the buck, like so many managers, rather than do their job.

HRD said...

@Henry - Is that the requisite attire for licking clients?

@Martin - Indeed, internal coaching capability is on the top of our list. Along with the mantra that a coach is not fashion accessory...