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Friday, 4 September 2009

What if?

How many times do you say you can’t do something “because”?
That you would love to do something “but”
You were going to “however”

How often do we limit ourselves through the assumptions that we make. The limiting assumptions that shape our daily lives and make us go in a direction that may not be the one that we truly want to go. The one that we believe would truly make us happy.

“I’m no good at….”
“He wouldn’t like it if…..”
“It wouldn’t work because….”
“I’ve never been able to….”
“If it wasn’t for……”

What if none of these things were true?
What if actually we could decide completely our future?
What if we realised that we had total control and ownership over our own decisions?

What if anything was possible?

Maybe we’d make some mistakes, get mud on our face once or twice. Maybe some things wouldn’t work out as we’d hoped. Maybe we’d get hurt.

But at least we’d know.


Sayya26 said...

Feeling a bit philosophical today I see. But you're right - there's always something holding us back mainly because of the fear of humiliation or failure....

Anonymous said...

It's the fear of flying, I think. You can spread the wings and fly, or find out that the feathers weren't what you thought they would be.

Maybe you ought to write down what you want from your future, if you had your ideal world, and what the outcome would look like.

HRD said...

@Sayya - I'm just showing I'm not a one trick pony. I can do deep and meaningful too!!

@Anonymous - You're assuming its me? :0)