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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The sound of steam being let off

I was writing something else to post, but then quite frankly something/one has got under my skin and I need to expunge this from my system through pushing it out into the blogosphere. What follows is not pretty and has been rated an 18 by the BBFC…..I apologise.

“You know what?

I don’t have the answers. Sometimes I don’t know. I am not the all seeing, all hearing fucking uber oracle that’s sat here waiting to provide you all with calm, peaceful resolutions to your otherwise unimportant and shitty little lives. Sometimes I just don’t know.

I have a brain and I have inner resources and both of these can become minimised, clogged up and filled with the pointless crap you wrongly feel is important. If it’s that important to you…….do it your fucking self……..

There are levels to which I can remain calm, focused, non-judgmental and rational in the face of all the irrationality, noise, and quite frankly total fucking madness that you people project.

I am just skin and bones. I am human.

So take your issues and your problems and your whines and your moans and shove them so far up your sphincter that when you look in the mirror you see Ja Ja Binks staring right back at you.

Shove it…….I’m off for a lie down”


Sayya26 said...

:o wow- what a speech off. Someone or something must've really twisted your underwear in a bunch! You're right though in that you don't have all the answers- NO ONE does.

We are all inherently selfish creatures who believe our problems span the length and breadth of the universe and is more important than anything or anyone else.

I wish one day we can have a more selfless and compassionate society, because as it stands now, we're all slowly devolving into what you've just ranted about.

Venting is one thing- but having it turn you into a cynical, whiny, negative shell of a human being is not worth it man. I hope whoever got under skin- you can manage to purge them and move on...

Henry Berry said...

HRD, that, my friend, is your BEST yet.
I have actually peed myself.

HRD said...

@Sayya - its better out than in!
@Henry - My apologies to your launderer!