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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Moan, moan, moan

Moaners (and I'm not talking in a good sense here) - Don't they just get your goat?

The HR profession is full of them.

1) "I want to be taking seriously" - then stop behaving like a paper pusher
2) "Nobody follows the guidelines" - that's because they're incomprehensible and impractical
3) "People don't involve me early enough" - see 1 and 2 above

At the same time, we are of course moan central for anyone who ever wants to complain about anything in the business that ever happened at any point to anyone from anywhere (did I cover it there?)

1) "It's too cold/hot/wet/dry in here" - put a scarf/bikini/wetsuit/damp cloth on
2) "I want a pay rise/new office/new boss/nose job" - jog on....just jog on....
3) "I'm unhappy with my career" - take a number and join the back of the queue

Everybody seems to want to moan about something.

Me? I just want to moan about moaners.


novice-hr said...

I agree. People moan because it's easier than doing. Instead of being proactive, it's much easier to find an excuse and complain about it. Hmm.. now that we're on the subject, maybe I should stop moaning about me being gaining a few pounds and actually start taking my exercise more seriously =)

HRD said...

@novice-hr - welcome and thanks for the comment. Indeed prevarication is easy, particularly if we don't like the subject matter. If you could loose some weight for me whilst you're at it!