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Friday, 25 September 2009

I am what I am

It's been brought to my attention that my last few posts may have sounded somewhat....well.....angry.

It has been suggested that people are starting to see me as behaving like Simon Cowell having been fisted by the winner of the "largest reindeer hoof in Alaska contest" and forced to chew the testicles of an alligator whilst humming the them tune to Star Wars.

Its been a tough time and things have been pressurized, but if you grant me a minute I'll try to redress the balance.

This takes me a little away from subject so my excuses in advance.

Things that make me happy:

1) The sunset when the sky turns red and the clouds look like froth on the fire of hades
2) The first sip of a glass of white wine after a hard days work, crackling on my tongue
3) The smell of damp leaves on an autumn day sinking deep into my consciousness
4) Holding hands and walking in the rain with not a worry in the world
5) The smell of a baby - like nothing on earth
6) Solving the Guardian crossword without assistance, remembering that I do have a brain
7) Laughing with friends that are dear to me, knowing that we are one
8) Seeing my kids succeed where they feared they would fail, learning that believing is strength
9) The British countryside, underrated, undersold, unique
10) Being me. I am what I am.


Corporate Daycare said...

HRD - If you were not "being you" ...I probably wouldn't be following this blog.

To take a quote completely out of context, but I think it can still apply: "Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold."

Fernandomando said...

Hmmm... there is a song called 'I am what I am' that celebrates a certain kind of man. Also, I wonder where white wine features in crude 'male or female' drink divide...
... Also slightly unsure by your comments at number 7- laughing with friends that are dear to me 'knowing that we are one'. Is this a metaphor?

But I hope that you are ok, because item number 3 makes you sound as though you might be dead in a forest somewhere 'damp leaves on an autumn day sinking deep into my consciousness'

Laurie said...

I see it less as anger and more as authenticity.

HRD said...

@Corporate Daycare - I had to look that one up - thank god for Urban Dictionary
@Fernando - I'm still here. I will survive!
@Laurie - I'm liking that as a means of explanation. I refer you to my previous comments on authenticity!