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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Know this

There are times in your career when you are on the crest of a wave.  When everything that you do is easy and lucid and structured.

There are other times when the reverse Midas touch prevails and everything you touch turns to s**t, crumples in your hand and the pieces blow into the wind.

There are times when your life is full of NNS. 

Its what we do, its what we signed up for. No?

Every conversation this week has been tough.  Every decision has been difficult.  We are in the attritional hard yards.

The trick is chin up, focus on the horizon.  Know that every inch you gain today is taking you closer to your goal.

Know that no-one is going to say thank you, but everyone will be grateful.  

Know that you are right and the steps you are taking are solid and assured.

Know that there will be an end.............

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