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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


This morning I stopped to get a bottle of Lucozade at the shop next to the office (think Gatorade for Brits). Coffee wasn't going to do it on its own today. Cofffee was out of its league.

It was 7.30am.

The guy behind me was buying a can of Guinness.

For a moment, I thought maybe he had it right and I had it wrong.

Just for a moment.


Sayya26 said...

huh- what do u know- in my little postcolonial nation we have Lucozade as well as Gatorade. Amazingly while I type this the word Lucozade is underlined in red....

Corporate Daycare said...

Ha! Oh well, there's always lunch!

I just had a similar debate with my husband on a recent morning.

He felt the same way you did and made some very convincing arguments. Unfortunately for him, we had coffee with breakfast.

HRD said...

@Sayya - Wow the best of both worlds! I shouldn't worry though nearly everything I write gets underscored in red!

@Corporate Daycare - I did once, long ago, have a breakfast of a bottle of Murphy's in bed (not alone) but I won't share the details! Coffee is now the drink of choice. If I even had a sip of alcohol at 7am I'd probably just fall back asleep!