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Friday, 2 October 2009

Idiot questions and suitable punishments

I it just me or are we inundated in HR with idiot questions?

Sometimes it feel as if the whole of the organisation has some form of "business tourettes" brought on by being in the HR department.

"Can you tell me how much holiday I've taken?"

No, but I can tell you how much I've taken. Because I have a brain.

"I want to make a complaint against my manager, but I don't want them to know. Is that ok?"

Yeah.....I want to punch you but I don't want you to know. Close your eyes?

I'm thinking that we should have some sort of fining system going on. A 5% deduction in monthly earnings for every 5 minutes of my life that you waste. Or maybe bring back happy slapping or sumo wrestling?

Tell me I'm not alone....tell me this pain is shared?


HR CHI said...

Right on, HRD. We here on my HR team have discussed writing a book of stupid questions. "What do you mean your cancelling the 4th of July Holiday? The law says you have to give us Friday off when the 4th is on Saturday." Response: "Yes, and the law also says I have the right to bear arms"

Sayya26 said...

yay! so glad you wrote this cuz this happens waaaay to often where i work...u would swear u told them all they needed to know and at the point when u ask 'any questions?' u hear crickets....then they come like a week later with some dumb @$$ question that makes you want to hold them upside down and shake them till their brains relocate from their bum to their head...

HRD said...

@HR CHI - Welcome and thanks for the comment which had me chuckling away.

@Sayya - "relocate their brains from their bum to their head"! Sounds like I touched on a nerve!